Over 20 years of Experience, ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturer of heavy duty truck parts

Who is Katai

As a result of the acquisition of the MC Heavy Duty company by the ZOR Capital Group investor group, KATAI INDUSTRIES is born a totally restructured company, with the latest machinery, modern, innovative and efficient manufacturing processes that ensure the highest quality in its products, made with the highest quality raw material and qualified human resource.

KATAI Industries merges the best of both companies, MC Heavy Duty's 70-year experience in the production of all types of suspension springs and the knowledge of the auto parts market of ZOR CAPITAL GROUP, its business philosophy of having the best technology, the best human resources, high profitability financial strategies that ensure the growth and leadership of the company always making decisions with the highest ethics and morals positively impacting our employees, environment and community where we operate.

KATAI is now a company specialized in manufacturing all kinds of steel springs for suspension such as multi-leaf, parabolic springs and zetas with the highest quality standards to meet both the original and the spare market. ZOR Capital Group invests in companies that have a high potential for growth in the automotive sector, then drives and transforms the way the company operates, optimizing and modernizing all the administration and manufacturing processes, thus achieving a leading company in the short term. in the bouquet.

In September 2018, ZOR Capital Group decided to invest in this process of renovation and modernization of this plant by investing financial, human and knowledge resources on the best practices to operate a company and thus comply with the highest standards of quality and service that our customers deserve

What is sought to achieve with the transformation of the company in the first instance is to gain the trust and loyalty of our clientele in the Mexican market, better serve all those consumers who are looking for a new high quality option in all types of springs at a price competitive thus achieving an alliance where both the manufacturer, distributor and final consumer win and KATAI INDUSTRIES becomes for the entire supply chain in its most reliable and profitable partner.

Subsequently we will seek to increase our participation in the international market by exporting our products to more countries and in larger volumes, thus consolidating our company internationally as well as helping the growth of our country's economy.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified firm, Durothane focuses on improving processes and services to better serve customers. We invite you to navigate through our website for the quality products that suit your needs.